About Me

A Lifetime of Acting

I began my acting career as a child in Austin, Texas. After high school, I moved to New York to study. Once there, I formed a small traveling experimental theater group. After graduation, we traveled together and performed for five years before I decided to relocate to Los Angeles and pursue more on-screen work.

Available for Projects

I act both on stage and screen. I am also available for voice over acting and hosting. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills.

Current Projects

For the last year, I have been running classical theater workshops. I also recently began production on an independent movie that I co-wrote with my collaboration group. To hear more of what I am up to, follow me on social media.



Alternative Universe Films

Contact Me

Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Shane Dean aka Shark

(602) 486-4795

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